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I stumbled across Cottonwood Creek Doodles on IG and immediately fell in love with the Australian mountain doodle. When we got Rigby at I was shocked at how calm natured, smart and loving he was right off the gate. I have three boys ages 4, 6 and 8 and he does so well with them. He’s the perfect size that they can roll over him and he’s so well behaved that he won’t tackle them or jump up on them. We have him in training and the trainers are blown away by how quickly he learns and the manners he already had. He has the best temperament, gets along well with other dogs and is the perfect family dog. He’s so perfectly fluffy and soft and people everywhere stop and ask us about him. "

-Tara & Nick from Utah




We found Cottonwood Creek Doodles via Instagram and fell in love with the Australian Mountain Doodle. We were looking for a family dog that is good with kids, that loves to be active but can relax around the house, that is easy to train/smart and is low-shedding. The AMD checks all of these boxes. We were blessed to get Admiral at the beginning of 2021 and we are head over heels in love with her! She is perfect in every way. We were blown away by the entire experience of working with CCD - they are professional, communicative, caring, and just all around wonderful to work with. You can tell, in everything they do, that they are thoughtful and respectable breeders who continuously look to improve their breeding program and breed wonderful (not to mention gorgeous!) dogs with great temperments. We love our sweet girl, Admiral! Thank you CCD! "

-Alex & Deidre from Texas

Visit @admiral.the.amd on Instagram!




Mr. Pickles is the joy of our lives and is without a doubt the most perfect addition we could ever have. We didn’t just get a dog with Cottonwood - we brought home a family member. He is formerly known as Bubbaloo of the Bubblegum litter 2021. We joined the waiting list and Cottonwood communicated with us throughout the process. When it came our turn to pick, Mr. Pickles was the only one for us. We have complete confidence in Cottonwood. Cottonwood’s program is the best in the country. Their breeding program focusing on the health of the dog and temperament is second to none and entirely worth the wait. Mr. Pickles arrived via flight nanny in perfect health and ready to bond with us. The exceptional care Cottonwood takes of the puppies and the parents is obvious at every stage and the larger cottonwood community of families with cottonwood pups is a delight. When we are ready to get Mr. Pickles a sibling we won’t look anywhere else but Cottonwood. If anyone has any questions, we’d be happy to talk to them about our wonderful experience just as other cottonwood families talked to us. "

-Samantha from Wisconsin

Visit @realmr.pickles on Instagram!




I cannot think of a single walk in the last two years when someone didn't stop to ask us about Cam. His unique look (especially the eyebrows!) is standout, his demeanor is incredible, and he was almost too easy to train. Some of the training portion falls on the owner, but a large responsibility falls on the breeder. I spent months (maybe even a year) interviewing Bernedoodle breeders before landing with Cottonwood Creek. Very easy to work with, the dogs are raised with their families, communicative/responsive/transparent, helpful, the list goes on...It ended up being an easy choice in hindsight. As for my next dog...Either somehow I clone Cam or (more likely) I come back to Cottonwood Creek Doodles! "

-Connor from California




Our experience with cottonwood creek doodles has been nothing short of incredible. They made the entire process from putting down our deposit to pick up day so easy. We love our sweet Timber SO much and couldn’t be more thankful! We highly recommend cottonwood creek doodles. "

-Clara from Colorado

Visit @timber_aussiemntdood on Instagram!

Cottonwood Creek Doodles: Utah Aussiedoodle & Bernedoodle breeder.



I came across Cottonwood Creek Doodles while on Instagram one day. From their Instagram to their website, I was entirely impressed with how professional, friendly, and informative they were. You can tell just by their social media and reviews, how much they care for these dogs and puppies. I had to wait a year until we were ready to bring a dog into our home, and Cottonwood was great at keeping us up to date on future litters. We had originally wanted a girl puppy, but the litter we made a deposit on had five (gorgeous) boys! However, the minute I saw blue boy (now Sawyer) I was in heaven! The fact that I was able to check into a 24 hour puppy cam to watch him grow was incredible. They kept us up to date with how their personalities were growing, and weekly pictures. The whole process was a dream. We’ve now had Sawyer for almost a year, and he has been everything and more. I was impressed with how quickly he took to a crate and potty training. He is great with our two little girls, and the best cuddle partner. He truly is the sweetest boy and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you!! "

-Jordan & Travis from Utah




" When my husband and I were looking to add a new member to our little family, we happened to stumble across Cottonwood Creek Doodles through the internet. We were so impressed by how professional their website looked, and by being able to watch the puppies through a puppy cam (that's basically all I did for weeks!). Mo has been the greatest addition to our family, even with the occasional puppy chewing on shoes! He brings so much energy and happiness into our lives, and that is all thanks to Cottonwood Creek Doodles. They take the proper precautions to make sure that every individual puppy goes to a great home, and they are such a great company to work with. They responded to our questions so quickly, it made the adoption process a breeze! I would highly recommend Cottonwood Creek Doodles to any family or person that is looking to have the most loving pet in their homes and lives. "


-Mckay and Courtney from Utah

Visit @mo.aussiedoodle on Instagram!




" My wife and I flirted with the idea of getting another dog after our beloved Sadie passed away but we didn't know when. We knew that we wanted a doodle of some type and researched breeders just to get an idea of the cost and types of doodles. We visited numerous breeder sites and then we just so happened to come across Cottonwood Creek Doodles. They had a new litter of Aussiedoodles and we instantly fell in love with the puppies. For the next few weeks, we would occasionally visit the website with the thought that we just weren't ready for another member to join our family. That's when we saw "Tan Boy" now known as Finn. There was something about him that made us decide we just couldn't wait. I reached out to Cottonwood Creek Doodles for information and within 5 minutes I had a response. After a quick discussion, my wife and I decided that we wanted Finn. I have never worked with a breeder before more so one that was out of state but Cottonwood Creek Doodles was different. Ashley and Jessie remained in contact weekly, sent pictures and kept me informed even through the day Finn flew to join his new family and forever home. We now have a new best friend who is very smart and a joy to be part of our family. If you are looking for a breeder that treats you like a friend or like family, look no further than Cottonwood Creek Doodles. They don't see you as someone just purchasing a dog, they see you as a life long member of the doodle family. Thank you Ashley and Jessie for bringing Finn into our lives. "


-Joshua & Leta from Colorado




" Eloise (Ellie) is simply the sweetest, smartest, most loving dog we could imagine. She’s a great running and hiking dog, but is also great at just cuddling in the house. I’ll never get another breed again!! "


-Eliza from Massachusetts 




" Working with Cottonwood Creek Doodles has been incredible! First off, learning about the different Doodle mixes through their website was helpful for us, as we weren’t sure exactly what we wanted. We realized, after finding them, that we definitely wanted an Australian Mountain Doodle. From the minute we made the decision to put down a deposit on our future pup, the girls were absolutely wonderful. Full & clear communication via email, which was incredible. The updates Cottonwood gives on all the litters and waitlists is also absolutely awesome. Being able to watch your pup as they are growing is something that was so fun and special. You grow a little attached to your pup through the video! Then came the big day, way faster than we expected, for us to bring our little pup home! We chose the Flight Nanny option, and she was amazing, too. Full communication, so loving and caring, and our little Ellie arrived with lots of treats and hugs. The entire experience felt so personal, even though I’m sure Cottonwood is dealing with many things all the time! Oh, we also LOVED the cute pictures and videos they make of the puppies!! They are just so cute! Our dog, Eleanor, is truly one of a kind. We receive compliments on her all the time, on how pretty she is, her coat, and her fun and very sweet personality. She is great with other dogs, and loves to play allll the time. I would definitely say she’s got a lot of Aussie in her sassy personality. But she is a cuddle bug a lot of the time, too. We love her so much, we want to get another! Cottonwood says their pups are family raised, and it does feel that way. I also love the Facebook group where all the owners can share photos and stories. Who doesn’t love pictures of cute dogs?"


-Allyson & Steve from Pennsylvainia 




" We are absolutely in love with Bode. Could not have asked for an easier, or more lovable dog. He gets along with other dogs (and our chickens), he loves to cuddle, and was incredibly easy to train- very intelligent! He has high energy when we are out in the mountains or at the beach, and down to relax when we are being couch potatoes. He’s a part of our family and we are so glad we stumbled upon Cottonwood Creek Doodles!! Thank you"


-Denelle & Danny from Massachusetts 

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" We didn’t know what our home was missing until we brought Dole home! My boyfriend and I knew we wanted a doodle, but we hadn’t thought much about Aussiedoodles. We came across Cottonwood Creek Doodles one day on Instagram and were so impressed by their website. After doing our research, and talking with Jessie and Ashley (they answered our 100+ questions so pleasantly) we knew this was the right choice for us. Dole accustomed so well to our home. From the beginning she was well behaved, quick to learn, and very alert. She definitely has her playful side, and will say “hi” to any dog she comes across. Because of her calm manner and personality, we’re convinced she thinks she’s a human. We may be biased, but there isn’t one thing we would change about our girl, and everyone who meets her (even my Dad who said he would never ever love a dog) falls in love with her. Looking forward to another Cottonwood Creek baby in our future! "


-Jess & Kyle from Massachusetts 

Visit @dole_theaussiedoodle on Instagram!

Cottonwood Creek Doodles: Utah Aussiedoodle & Bernedoodle breeder.



" Bao has been the best addition to our family! He is a happy-go-lucky puppy and is full of personality that makes each day a new adventure for us. The Aussiedoodle breed is highly intelligent and trainable. Bao also has a great amount of energy and loves to play outside. Working with Cottonwood Creek Doodles is a wonderful experience. The team communicates very well, and cares a great deal about the puppy adoption process keeping both the puppy and customer at the center. We already can't wait to get on a Cottonwood Creek Doodle waitlist for an Aussiedoodle sibling for Bao! "


-Wilson & Katie from Georgia

Cottonwood Creek Doodles: Utah Aussiedoodle & Bernedoodle breeder.



" My wife and I are empty nesters with both girls off at college.  After losing our 13 year old Boxer Lady Belle to cancer last summer it took several months of having no one to come home to when we both looked at each other and said “It is time”. We knew we wanted something different. A breed that we could take anywhere and be a key part of the family. Bringing another boxer into the house didn’t seem right. So we turned to the internet and started studying the “doodle” breeds. We were immediately fascinated by the Aussiedoodle. The intelligence, the beautiful looks and the challenge the breed would bring to us. Then we discovered Cottonwood Creek Doodles. An immediate connections was made with the owners Ashley and Jessie. Their passion for the breed and love for their furry Mom’s and Dad’s was overwhelming. Once we made the decision to go with Cottonwood Creek Doodles the ladies made the process so enjoyable. Their command of social media made it feel like we were right there with them as the puppies were born, whelped, socialized and introduced to the world. We were so lucky to have had the opportunity to bring Riley home shortly after Christmas. The bond was made while driving from Salt Lake to Phoenix. It was game on! She has become the perfect addition to our family. We have had a lot of breeds in our adult lives but the Aussiedoodle is the sharpest and easiest to train of all of them. Riley challenges us every day with a desire to learn. She was a total hit on vacation to Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo, loves the desert trails, swimming in the pool and agility training. She goes everywhere with us and when approached by people they are quick to take down the name “Cottonwood Creek Doodles”.

-Jeff & Darlene from Arizona

Cottonwood Creek Doodles: Utah Aussiedoodle & Bernedoodle breeder.



" I happened to come across Cottonwood Creek Doodles randomly on Instagram. After looking further into their reviews I decided to contact them about their current litter. After many emails and a couple phone conversations were exchanged my family and I decided on Lola, our beloved Merle Aussiedoodle. She is the perfect fit for our family. She's smart, easy to train, and brings so much love to our family. We would like to thank Cottonwood Creek Doodles for breeding our perfect family dog. If you are questioning if they are the right breeder for you the answer is yes! They were extremely professional, we couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you, Cottonwood Creek Doodles! "


-Kim from Arizona




" My husband wanted an Australian Shepard, but unfortunately I am allergic to dogs. I started scouring the internet to satisfy both our needs. Funny enough I came across a beautiful Aussiedoodle from Cottonwood Doodles on Pinterest. I was instantly in love. For about a year I researched the breed and various breeders and decided that Cottonwood was the right breeder for us! They were super responsive, professional and informative. I had a million and one questions and they never hesitated to answer them. I felt like I was part of the family before my doodle was even born! When Mable went into labor, Ashley sent me a picture and I knew the instant I saw Penny (orange from Mable/Ozzy) that she was the one! My heart melted as I watched the others be born on the nursery camera. It made me feel like I was there. I could log in and see my new family member anytime I wanted. When it was time to finally choose a puppy, the puppy chose me. She was perfect! The puppy smell, the puppy grunts, the puppy snuggles, I was in heaven. Penny was a Christmas present to my boys and Ashley was more than accommodating to ensure I had an up to date photo to give them on Christmas. When it was time to pick up Penny, they sent me home with a fantastic care package to ensure a safe flight and adjustment period once we got home. Penny was quick to crate and house train and was fast to learn her commands. I had no idea when I reached out to Cottonwood that I would find such a calm, loving, family focused dog, but I did. Today, Penny is one of the family. Thank you Cottonwood for giving us a beautiful, sweet, calm, smart, loving puppy to call our own! She is more than we ever dreamed of!!! "

-Alyssa & Ben from Washington

Visit @penny.the.aussiedoodle on Instagram!



" Luca Gray is the newest baby to our family! We were looking specifically for an Aussiedoodle and we came across Cottonwood Creek Doodles. It was a crazy time in our family with Christmas and New Years and also one of our girls heading to a 3 day basketball tourney. The girls at Cottonwood Creek were AMAZING to work with to get our Luca girl to us during such a busy time. We really wanted to have her home for a few days before our children had to go back to school from the winter break and they bent over backwards to ensure this happened. Luca is very smart, loving, energetic, and is always smiling, which makes all who meet her smile too, and fall instantly in Love with her! She is currently 6 1/2 months old and weighs 35 lbs. She is very athletic and loves the water. We are really excited to see how she does at our lake house. Our family is over the moon in LOVE with Luca and so very grateful to Cottonwood Creek Doodles for our sweet little lady! "


-Angie from Wyoming

Cottonwood Creek Doodles: Utah Aussiedoodle & Bernedoodle breeder.



" Ramona was re-homed to us when she was 9 months old. She is our third dog, the baby in the family. She is smart, loving, excited, and the most cuddly dog we’ve ever owned. She fit in so quickly and so perfectly, it was unbelievable. We got her recall ability (with her new name) down in one week! She gets along with everyone, every dog and is one adorable talker. She loves to chase, loves the outdoors, does very well hiking and camping, and is so full of life. We do a lot of activities with different dogs, and she always plays so well with all dogs, despite the differences in size and gender. We all love our sweet and goofy Ramona. "


-Aaron & Vivian from Utah




" We found Cottonwood Creek Doodles searching for breeders near our town in Idaho. While there were others that were closer none seemed to care as much for their pups as these ladies. We were sold and put ourselves on the waiting list as soon as we could. From the initial contact all the way through picking up our new fur baby they were always responsive to questions and kept us involved in the process. We loved the online video feed (we actually got to see his litter being born☺) and all of the pictures! Our sweet, cuddly Leonard fit right in to our family. He loves being outside.  While being precocious and playful he is very smart and extremely trainable. His little personality, demeanor with children and other animals is perfect. We tell everyone that compliments us on our handsome little man that we got him from Cottonwood Creek Doodles! "


-Jacinda from Idaho

Cottonwood Creek Doodles: Utah Aussiedoodle & Bernedoodle breeder.



" We decided we wanted to get an Aussiedoodle and while researching the breed found Cottonwood Creek Doodles online.  The process was easy and very organized. We watched the puppy cams, and analyzed the pictures for hours and had a hard time choosing because every puppy was so cute! Finally it was our turn and we choose dark green boy...Pippin! Pippin arrived just as expected at the airport -healthy, clean, and precious. He has been easy to train and eager to learn. Pippin enjoys being outside, playing in the leaves, running around, and fetching his favorite ball. We don't have any other dogs right now but we do have an elderly cat. He just loves playing with her when he is outside. He also loves to play with other dogs when we are at the dog park or when we are visiting friends who have dogs. He is such a handsome, kind-spirited, and gentle but goofy (at times) boy.  Everywhere we go, people stop to admire him and inquire as to what breed he is. He has been such a wonderful addition to our family! Thank you CWCD!! "


-Kimberly from Mississippi

Cottonwood Creek Doodles: Utah Aussiedoodle & Bernedoodle breeder.



" We found Cottonwood Creek Doodles by searching for the breed, Aussiedoodles, in Utah. We read about how they raise their puppies and we knew we were dealing with people who loved dogs. We immediately applied to be on the wait list! These girls are dedicated to finding good homes for their puppies and making sure that all of them are well taken care of. They were amazing to work with and made the process easy! This goofy, energetic, adorable puppy is a member of our family now! "


-Steven & Aspyn from Utah

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