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Please CONTACT US BELOW if you have any questions after reviewing our FAQ page. THANK YOU!


I have questions, can you give me a call?

Email is our preferred method of contact and lets us keep track of our many conversations. While we wish we had the time to speak to everyone who sends in an inquiry individually on the phone, we are unable to due to the high volume of emails we receive on a daily basis requesting calls. Our job is 24 hours a day 7 days a week caring for our dogs and litters, unfortunately we aren’t able to be on the phone all day while providing the level of care, attention, and socialization, and that we strive to uphold for our animals. We understand this is a big commitment and want everyone to be as comfortable as possible with us as breeders. We have created a testimonials page and have social media channels that reflect how we run things for everyone interested to check out.


We are happy to video chat families on our priority list with their chosen puppy to say a quick "hello" before solidifying delivery or final payments. All information our families need to know about their new puppy will be sent through email to ensure nothing is forgotten or misplaced and our frequently asked questions can be seen below!


View our testimonials HERE!


Instagram @cottonwoodcreekdoodles | Check out our tags #cottonwoodcreekdoodles and #cottonwoodcreekdoodleowners as well to see our puppies in their new homes and engage with previous puppy families!


YouTube | See our puppies in action and where they are raised! 


Facebook | Connect with us and other doodle lovers! 


Feel free to read over our "all about us" page to learn more about us and what our program is centered on. 



If you have any specific questions not mentioned on our website or just need some clarification please let us know! If you're interested in our puppies please fill out a PUPPY APPLICATION to get started! 

Can I visit your facility and meet your dogs before placing a deposit or picking my new puppy?


Our "facility" is our home. All of our puppies are raised here and cared for by our family. We aren't a pet store with business hours open to the public so, we currently only allow visits from those on our priority list who are coming on scheduled visitation days or to pick up their new puppy. The majority of our dogs live in guardian homes therefore, they aren't always at our homes to be seen. 


Our mom dogs may or may not not be available to be seen when coming to pick up your puppy at 8 weeks- mom dogs may have gone home by the time your puppy is to be picked up. Visits may be scheduled to see your chosen puppy after that specific litter has received their first set of vaccinations. 

For the safety of our dogs and young puppies as well as our family, we do not allow tours of our home or whelping areas. 

Are Doodles Hypoallergenic?

Technically, no dog is "hypoallergenic" as some people can be allergic to things other than fur like a dog's saliva or urine. Doodles have allergy friendly properties, making them suitable for individuals who suffer from mild to moderate pet allergies. If you or someone in your home has severe allergies we recommend spending time with different types of adult Doodles before deciding to get on our waiting list. Head to your local dog park and strike up some conversation with fellow Doodle owners and ask if you can interact with their dog. 

Do Doodles shed?

Our Doodles are considered low-non shedding. We cannot guarantee any dog to be 100% non-shedding as each coat can vary, although, shedding in our adult Doodles is typically very mild. F1Bs, F2Bs, and Multigens will shed less (if any) than an F1 and are recommended for those with more severe allergies/concerns about excessive shedding. F1 coat types are typically tolerated well by those with very mild allergies and are often low shedding. Generally, you wont find much hair in your house or on your clothes but Doodle dust bunnies are common on the floors every now and then. Loose/dead hair will come off on your comb when you brush your Doodle just like with people who have a head full of hair!

What is the difference between F1, F2, F1B, etc?

We currently work with First Generation (F1) and Mulit-Generational Doodles. Coat type will vary no matter what generation and breed of Doodle you choose. Typically, an F1 pairing will produce straight & wavy coats. F1B pairings typically produce wavy & curly coats. F2B and Multi-Gen pairings will typically produce straight, wavy, and curly coats depending on the parent's exact coat genetics. We currently strive for wavy and straight coats in all of our Doodles. 

An F1 Doodle puppy is a result of two different purebred parent dogs.

Example: A purebred Aussie x a purebred Poodle would make an F1 Aussiedoodle

*50/50 cross*

An F1B Doodle puppy is a result of an F1 Doodle parent and a purebred Poodle.

Example: An F1 Bernedoodle x a purebred Poodle would make an F1B Bernedoodle

*75/25 cross*


An F2 Doodle puppy is a result of an F1 Doodle and an F1 Doodle. 

Example: An F1 Aussiedoodle x an F1 Aussiedoodle would make an F2 Aussiedoodle

*50/50 cross*


An F2B Doodle puppy is the result of an F1 Doodle parent and an F1B Doodle parent. 

Example: An F1 Bernedoodle x an F1B Bernedoodle would make an F2B Bernedoodle

*75/25 cross*

A Multi-Gen Doodle puppy is the result of an F1B or higher gen parent and an F1B or higher gen parent. 

Example: An F2 Bernedoodle x an F1B Bernedoodle would make a Multi-Gen Bernedoodle

*cross percentage dependent on generations*



Which generation/coat type is right for me?

Straight, wavy, or curly coat? What coat type is best for you and of which generation? Due to the unpredictability of coat types in an F1 pairing we are working towards only producing Multigen Doodles. Being a 50/50 cross, F1s can take after either parent (or have a good mix of both). This means that your pup’s coat could resemble the Aussie or Bernese or take more after the Poodle. Coat type can be a gamble when choosing any first generation Doodle. This holds true with any F2 pairing as well since both F1 parents used in this combo also carry a shedding/flat coat gene. An F1B may be great for those who want a coat that may shed less, however, many F1Bs are primarily curly and can take after a the Poodle almost entirely in terms of looks. With Multigens we can easily pair certain coat types together to ensure we get furnished, fluffy puppies with great coat texture! A straighter coat in an F1 often means it might shed some and may have a wirey texture. Although, a straighter coat in a Multigen will generally be silky, smooth, and can be low-non shedding. In a Multigen pairing we can actually eliminate the curl gene all together while retaining allergy friendly properties in a thicker and plush coat!


A straight or wavy coat in a F1 pairing can shed some (generally minimally and less than the originally shedding breed). A straight, wavy, or curly coat in an F2B/Multigen pairing is often low-non shedding. Any straight or wavy coat will require less maintaince than a curly coated Doodle. 

What are the grooming requirements for a Doodle?

Doodle puppy coats are easy to maintain however, you should comb frequently to prepare them for when their adult coat comes in; your new puppy will have a life of grooming upkeep ahead of them! It is never too early to get your puppy used to grooming at home while they are young- we recommend you blow dry after every bath to prevent their fur from matting and schedule regular sanitary and face trims throughout puppyhood. A mature Doodle will require professional grooming every 6-8 weeks. Brushing should be done at home at least a few times per week if not more depending on your dog's exact length and coat type. Bathing and blow drying can be done every few weeks or as needed. Adult Doodles have a high maintaince coat that will need regular upkeep to help them stay looking their best! Please reconsider taking on the responsibility of a Doodle if you are not willing and able to care for their coat physically and financially throughout their entire life. 

 What are the differences between the Aussiedoodle, Bernedoodle, and Australian Mountain Doodle?

Each puppy's temperament will depend on that of their parents' rather than the exact breed, as all three of these breeds have similar characteristics. Generally our Aussiedoodles are recommended for those who are looking for an active dog. Bernedoodles are great for those who want a Doodle on the calmer side. The Australian Mountain Doodle is perfect for anyone wanting something in between! Please keep in mind energy level will vary and will depend on your particular puppy or that pairing.  

Aussiedoodle: Australian Shepherd & Poodle hybrid- Smart, loyal, eager to please, easy to train, medium-high energy level, therapy and service dog potential, active and energetic.

Read more about the Aussiedoodle HERE.

Bernedoodle: Bernese Mountain Dog & Poodle hybrid- Smart, loyal, easy to train but can be stubborn at times, low-medium energy level, therapy and service dog potential, laid back yet playful.

Read more about the Bernedoodle HERE.

Australian Mountain Doodle: Australian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, and Poodle hybrid- Smart, loyal, eager to please, easy to train, medium energy level, therapy and service dog potential, friendly, social and outgoing.

Read more about the Australian Mountain Doodle HERE.

Coat type is dependent on specific pairing & generation rather than breed. Exact characteristics will vary based on the parents and what they are known for producing. 

What breed can I apply for? Can I join the list and wait for an Aussiedoodle or Bernedoodle?

At this time we are only accepting deposits for Australian Mountain Doodles. While we are no longer holding a list for Bernedoodles or Aussiedoodles, we will offer them first to our Australian Mountain Doodle waitlist families before the public when we have them. Our priority list is currently open for reservations on all color varieties!


Keep an eye out on our website + social media pages for updates on Bernedoodles and Aussiedoodles as any availability/puppies not claimed by our AMD deposit holders will be posted!


Feel free to SUBSCRIBE BELOW to our notification list to be the first to know of any last minute cancellations/availability!

Why choose the Australian Mountain Doodle over the other two well-known breeds?

Why choose an AMD over an Aussiedoodle?

While the Aussiedoodle is a terrific, smart, energetic, and awesome breed on it’s own, adding the Bernedoodle into mix can round out the Aussiedoodle energy for those who may not want the most energetic breed around. Adding in the Bernedoodle provides us with thicker and stockier body types, more square snouts, and silkier hair from the Bernese. The Aussiedoodle alone tends to have a wirey coat type and can be prone to more shedding. Bernedoodles in general have better coat texture than Aussiedoodles. Adding the Bernese into the mix can also lessen the herding instinct Australian Shepherds are known for. 

Why choose an AMD over a Bernedoodle?


The Bernedoodle is typically a fun, loving, and happy-go-lucky breed. However, Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for being stubborn and this trait can be passed onto their Bernedoodle offspring. Adding the Aussiedoodle into the mix generally makes them a little more eager to please which in turn can help make the training process a little easier.  We all know the beloved Bernese breed is known for having health issues and a short lifespan- we hope that by adding the Australian Shepherd into the mix will greatly help longevity.

We think both the Aussiedoodle and Bernedoodle breeds are perfect in their own ways (for the right people). And while the Australian Mountain Doodle can be a bit of a gamble when working with so many variants and characteristics, we have been thrilled with the outcome we’ve had so far (in terms of temperaments, coat types, colors, and more). Overall, if you're interested in an Aussiedoodle we have no doubt an Australian Mountain Doodle will fit your lifestyle if not more (with the same colors and looks). If a Bernedoodle is more intriguing to you perhaps consider an AMD with more Bernedoodle in the line and stronger Bernese markings. Each Australian Mountain Doodle pairing will have varying amounts of Aussie, Bernese, and Poodle in them.

What sizes do you work with?

We currently work primarily with Mini/Medium sizes in the 30-50+ pound range. 

*Please note that we cannot guarantee adult weight and/or height at maturity*

We no longer work with large Standard sizes due to the increased risk of joint disease that heavier dogs are prone to. Mini/Medium sizes will be the largest we produce. Occasionally we will have pairings that may mature just under 30 lbs. or slightly over 50 lbs. Our dogs are perfect for those who want a mid size companion (not too small and not too large) who are big enough to take on hikes, runs, etc. but small enough to easily manage and take everywhere you go! 

What colors do your Doodles come in?

Our Aussiedoodles and Australian Mountain Doodles come in a variety of colors such as Merle, Tricolor, Phantom, and occasionally Bicolor. Our Bernedoodles come primarily in Tricolor and Phantom with Bicolors on occasion. For more information on each color please click HERE




Do Doodles change colors?

It can be common for a Doodle’s color to change to some degree as they mature. Some colors lighten and some darken. This comes from the Poodle side and can be present in any type of Poodle mix. We try our best to produce the most vibrant colors possible but health and temperament will always come first. Our Doodles could turn purple and we wouldn’t love them any less! 

Are your dogs health tested?

The health of our sires and dams is pivotal to our breeding program. All of our parent dogs are health tested or in the process of completing their health testing. Health testing results for each parent dog can be viewed on our "parents" tab. 

Do Multigens/higher generations have more health issues than an F1? Does one breed have more health issues than the other?

We are currently working towards producing primarily Multigen litters with only a few F1 litters per year in some of our breeds. To put it simply, puppies are only as healthy as their parents, no matter the generation, no matter the breed! A Multigen, F1B, F2B, etc. will not have anymore health issues than an F1 simply because of their generation. Issues can arise in any puppy if their parents come from poor quality lines, have structural issues, or have not been screened for breed specific diseases. A Multigen line in a relatively new breed still has so much gene diversity than your average purebred dog who may have had inbreeding or disease in their lines for decades. Any disease we are not able to test for is out of our control although we take each of our dog’s lineage and health into account before planning out our litters. Diseases known to commonly affect our breeds (which are screened for) would be Hip Dysplasia, Canine Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Von Willebrand Disease (VWD), etc. Some diseases, like Hip Dysplasia can be brought on by environmental factors rather than genetics. 

Do Doodles enjoy hiking/being outdoors?

Yes! The majority of our Doodles go to active families who enjoy outdoors activities together. Our Doodles love simple walks around the block, exploring hiking trails and some enjoy swimming in rivers/ponds. Our Doodles (no matter the size) can tolerate more strenuous hiking although it is recommended you work up to longer/harder hikes and never push your dog past his/her limit. Any strenuous activity should wait until after your puppy has fully matured and their growth plates have closed for proper joint health. 

Are Doodles good with kids?

Yes! Our puppies are raised in our home with children and make wonderful family dogs!

Where are you located/what if I'm out of state?

We are located North of Salt Lake City, Utah. Not from here? No worries! The majority of our puppies fly all over the U.S. Most of our puppies live in California, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Florida, New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, and beyond. We offer hand delivery via flight nanny all throughout the U.S. starting at $600-$800+ (depending on location and time of year). Our flight nannies bring your puppy on the plane as a carry-on (being cared for the entire time) and will meet you at your nearest airport with your new furry family member. We currently only offer delivery within the U.S. We encourage out of state families to drive/fly in for pick-up day if they are able but flight nannies are always readily available for an added fee for those who cannot pick-up in person. Canada families may meet a flight nanny at the U.S./Canada border if needed.

Airline travel packs are available to purchase from us with all of the necessities you'll need to fly your new puppy home yourself! We are available to meet at the SLC airport if needed for you to take your puppy home as a carry-on! We will provide tips and tricks to help ensure your journey home goes as smoothly as possible.



Please view our POLICIES page for more information on delivery.  

What is the total price?

Each of our color varieties are priced differently. Please view our PRICING page for a breakdown of the total cost. Our deposit (non-refundable) is $500 which is included in the final purchase price. 

What will my puppy come with/when will they be ready to leave?

Each puppy will go home with all health records (vaccination and de-worming schedule), plush toy, and a blanket with mother/sibling's scent. Puppies will be ready to leave at 8 weeks old and will have one set of vaccines prior to going home. Ask about our premium puppy package options once you've picked out your pup! 

Do you have puppies available now/when is your next available litter?

Please see our UPCOMING LITTERS page for more info on future plans we have coming up! Any available puppies will be marked as such in our NURSERY page and will then be posted to our AVAILABLE PUPPIES page once they are ready to find their new families. Keep in mind we do have a priority list; it is best to plan well in advance and join our list if you are serious about getting a puppy from us! Our list is not compiled by specific pairing as we are unable to determine how many puppies each mama dog will have and when. We have consistent litters throughout the year with similar parent dogs.

Feel free to SUBCRIBE BELOW to be the first to know of any last minute cancellations/litter availability!




Do you sell adult/retired breeding dogs?

We don’t rehome our retirees. They live happily with either us or their guardian families who helped raise them. Learn more about our program HERE.

How does your priority list/choosing my puppy work?

A $500 non-refundable deposit will secure a reservation for you on our priority list. Once on our list you will gain exclusive access to updates via our Facebook group and private members website page. Here everyone can follow all of our planned breedings and see new litters announcements. We will send out litter availability updates to those on our list when we have puppies ready to claim. Puppy selections within each litter typically start once they have reached 3-4 weeks of age. We will provide photos and video prior to picking. Photos or videos of each litter will be updated and posted on our social media channels bi-weekly. 

Please view our POLICIES page for more information on choosing and picking up your new puppy. 




Can I select my puppy based on temperament?

Puppy personalities and characteristics are ever changing up until adulthood and honestly, puppies most often just act like puppies! Because of this we recommend you select your puppy based on the mom and dad’s personality traits. Sure we can see little qualities here and there but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s how each puppy will be as an adult. We’ve had plenty of mellow and laid back puppies end up being outgoing and energetic adults. We’ve also had some of the most rambunctious pups in a litter end up incredibly easy going and relaxed. In the end we would hate for anyone to risk potentially not getting the puppy they truly want based on some puppy traits we see or don’t see here. Adult dogs are often as only good as the training and work their owners put in. The way they are raised, trained, and socialized greatly affects how your puppy will act as an adult. We recommend you do ample research on the breed as a whole and would urge you select your puppy based on the parent’s personalities and what their line has been known to produce. After all, one cannot predict the personality of a newborn child and their parents wouldn’t love them any less if they were different from what they expected. We believe dogs are no different. We cannot guarantee or predict exact temperaments/personality or energy levels.

What is the wait time for a puppy?

Your wait  time is dependent entirely on what color, size, gender, coat type, etc. you are looking for. Please note that our litters are generally spoken for well before they are even born and we are at the hands of mother nature's timeline on when our litters arrive. We cannot guarantee exact wait times for anyone with specific color preferences although, you're welcome to wait until the perfect one comes along. If you're flexible we could have something for you right away! Please take a moment to look over our website and fill out a PUPPY APPLICATION if you would like to secure a reservation with us and join our priority list!


Feel free to check out our AVAILABLE PUPPIES page to see if we have any last minute availability! 



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