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We are always accepting new reservations on our list for our future puppies! A $500 (non-refundable) deposit will secure your spot in line on our wait list. Your reservation fee will go towards the final purchase price when you select your new puppy. 

  Please fill out a PUPPY APPLICATION if you are interested in joining our waitlist! 



It is never too early to get on our list if you are interested in a Cottonwood Creek Doodle! Please check out our UPCOMING LITTERS page for info on future litter plans. Puppy updates will be posted in our 'waiting list' Facebook group on ALL of our litters for everyone to see. This information will be made available to you once you have completed your non-refundable deposit agreement form (provided upon request) and your deposit has been received. We now have two list options- our "Merle List" and our "Quick List". We are currently only accepting new reservations from those who have no color preference and would like to be added to our Quick List for Tricolors, Bicolors, and Phantoms with a shorter wait time! We will not be taking confirmed Merle List reservations at this time. Wait list numbers can be viewed in our exclusive Facebook group. All names are compiled in order on our master list- your wait list number will not determine when you get your new puppy, but your preferences will. Those on the first half of the list are generally waiting for something specific while Quick List families will pass them with no/minimal preferences. 



Once the litter has reached 4-5 weeks of age and are thriving, we will go down our list and start notifying individuals of what we will have. You are welcome to pass on any offers you are not interested in. We will provide bi-weekly photo or video updates as the puppies grow prior to choosing as well as up until they leave so that you can continue to watch your puppy mature (we do not take requests for photos/videos and will share pictures of your chosen puppy when we have them ready for you). For the safety of our young puppies, we do not allow in-person selections. If you aren't particular on gender, size, etc. you will have more options to choose from and the opportunity to get your puppy sooner. We do not make selections based on eye color as this cannot be guaranteed. 



 We have two list categories- A "Merle" list and a "Quick List".

* Those on the Merle List will ONLY be notified of Merles.

* Those on the Quick List will be notified of Phantoms, Tricolors, and Bicolors with a shorter wait time! 

At this time we are only accepting reservations from those who would like to be added to our Quick List.

When a litter is ready to be claimed we will send out a mass text and/or email notification to numbers 1 through 20 on the Merle List for those families to send us a quick note if they’d consider a Merle puppy from that litter. Of the families who sent in their request to be considered for said litter, we will then compile those names in order of deposits received and notify you which pick number you have for that litter. We will likely notify up to 20 spots at a time per litter- we don’t get 20 puppies per litter, but on average we only receive interested responses from less than half of those we contact at one time for a single litter. If we get more interested requests than we have puppies in that litter we will assign “back-up picks” to those who didn’t end up being high enough for a confirmed pick.

Any back-up spot holders still have a high likelihood of getting a puppy and will be notified if anyone ahead backs out or doesn’t end up selecting after they’ve sent in a request for that litter. If we still have unclaimed spots on said litter after numbers 1-20 have had a chance to send in a request we will move on to numbers 21-40 and so on. You must be watching for litter updates during the time you know 100% you’ll be ready for a new puppy and respond to our notifications to get in line for all litters you’d consider. Selections will be made in order of the list. Keep in mind we cannot guarantee any specific requests within any time period. We recommend being open minded in order to get your puppy sooner as we can only promise a puppy within 24 month range (often less) if your preferences are completely open.

Anyone on our Quick List will be notified of all Phantoms/Tricolors/Bicolors and will have a chance to put their name in the queue for those litters with a similar method above, only receive their puppy much quicker! This will help us get through names faster for other color combos that are available without contacting people who are waiting for something specific to come around. All families on our Quick List will be notified of available puppies at the same time vs. contacted in small groups and a selection order will be compiled in order of deposits received. We have a lot of names on our list but please keep in mind not everyone is ready to receive a puppy at the same time.

*This new process will include unlimited passes (you may ignore all offer notifications you aren’t interested in). For those who need to wait for their puppy and won’t be ready at any given time, you may place your name on “hold” to temporarily stop puppy availability notifications until you’re ready.

*We will send out notifications for you to respond to only if interested (please refrain from emailing with interest without receiving our notifications first). You may put your name in the queue for multiple litters if we have more than one to choose from.

*Any available Aussiedoodles and Bernedoodles will also be sent out to Quick List families in addition to being posted in our Wait List Group to be claimed.


Local visitors are welcome to visit their chosen puppy after they have had their first set of vaccines around 6-7 weeks old. If a puppy becomes available after the set pick out day, arrangements for visitations can be made (only for those on our waiting list), Before visiting, please avoid going to pet stores, animal shelters, dog parks, or any other high traffic areas where other animals frequent. We ask that you remove shoes and sanitize your hands before interacting with the puppies to avoid the spread of disease like the common, but lethal Canine Parvovirus. We do not operate a kennel, our dogs are our family and are raised in our home. Because of this we do not have business hours for people to stop by and play with our puppies nor do we allow visits from anyone who is not on our waiting list coming on scheduled visitation or pick-up days. For the safety of our dogs and young puppies as well as our family, we do not allow tours of our home. 


For families on our waiting lists, final payment on your chosen puppy is due 1-2 weeks before your litter's pick-up date. If for any reason we haven't received the final payment by this time, your chosen puppy and spot in line will be lost. Your puppy will be considered yours once your Deposit and Final Payment are received. Final payments will be made via check or online bank transfer (no PayPal or Venmo). Any delivery/flight nanny fees will be paid directly to our flight nannies upon booking. 


Deposits are nonrefundable, please only place a deposit if you are certain you will be ready for a new puppy in the next 24 months (or less)! After each puppy has left our care, their new family has 3 days to take them in to see a vet for a physical examination. If the puppy were to be found in ill health with any life threatening disease/condition, the puppy can be returned for a full refund. Shipping fees, if any, would not be refunded. 


We will share each litter's pick-up date when contacting families about their availability. Pick up dates are typically the weekend closest to/after a litter has reached 8 weeks of age. We will have a 2-3 day window for pick up which you must be available for in order to select from said litter. We highly encourage everyone to drive or fly in to come pick up your new family member. We will set aside one day/timeframe within this window to meet at the airport for those flying in. If you wish to have your puppy delivered- we will have 2-3 flight nanny spots available per litter. 

Before applying, please be open to picking up your puppy yourself if you are out of state as delivery cannot be guaranteed for everyone. We will have airline travel packs available to purchase with all of the necessities and will provide tips to help everything go smoothly. 


HAND-DELIVERY: We can hand-deliver your puppy to an airport near you! Your puppy will fly as carry-on with one of our "flight nannies" in the comfort and protection of the airplane cabin. Hand-delivery to the continental US starts at $600-800+ (depending on location). This will include your puppy's flight and everything they need to make the journey home.

You are welcome to fly in and take your puppy home as a carry-on. We can meet you at the SLC international airport.


We stand behind each puppy we sell, and each one will come with a 2-Year Health Guarantee! We guarantee your puppy to be free from any life threatening congenital defect or we will replace your puppy free of charge,


*Certain guideline must be met in order to qualify for our guarantee. Please request to see our contract if you are interested in learning more*



After years of research, debating, and talking to other Doodle breeders about this topic, we have decided to keep our puppies’ dewclaws intact. 


The dewclaw is like a dog’s thumb and is used to help a dog maneuver while running, enables them to climb and grip objects such as bones, and is connected to other tendons in the wrist. They are not dead appendages. Removing the claw is not only extremely painful, but damages those tendons which can lead to arthritis. In our medium to large breed dogs especially, we want to minimize the risk of arthritis as much as we can. 


There are two types of dewclaws- attached dewclaws and detached dewclaws. Attached dewclaws have a bone connecting the claw to their wrist, when attached dewclaws are removed, it is similar to removing a finger on a human. Detached dewclaws do not have a bone connecting to their wrist, are floppy, and otherwise useless. Detached dewclaws that we feel will be a nuisance as a dog matures will be removed. 


We have imported dogs from Europe who all have their dewclaws intact and have seen the difference having this claw makes. Removing dewclaws, tail docking, and ear cropping is outlawed in Europe and many other countries. The United States is one of the few that still allows these procedures to be done purely for cosmetic reasons. From here on out we will be implementing this new policy, dewclaws will not be removed (unless detached with a possibility of causing issues in adulthood).


We do not offer tail docking on any of our Doodle puppies. All Aussiedoodle tails will be left natural unlike the dock of the Australian Shepherd breed standard. 


We believe dogs were given thumbs and tails for a reason!


Occasionally, circumstances change or a puppy does not work out in his or her new home for various reasons. In these or other similar situations we are more than happy to take the puppy or adult dog back until a new home can be found. We do not offer refunds past the 3 day mark after the puppy has gone to their new home and exchanges can only be made within our 2-year guarantee window if your puppy was found to have a genetic defect.  


Each puppy will be sold on a strict spay/neuter contract. Breeding rights are available to small, approved breeders. Please contact us about breeding right pricing. 

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