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Cottonwood Creek Doodles is located in the beautiful state of Utah just North of Salt Lake City. We are dedicated to raising Australian Mountain Doodles, Aussiedoodles & Bernedoodles with phenomenal temperaments & dispositions. We strive to produce healthy, long-living companions that shed less than the parent breeds we know and love. Our dogs are our life and we treat each as a member of our family. 

Here at Cottonwood Creek Doodles, our puppies are raised in a home setting and socialized since birth. We follow Puppy Culture & BAB curriculum and believe that the perfect family dog starts with the work done by the breeder early on in life. We start litter box and crate training our puppies as soon as they become mobile to make outdoor potty-training a breeze. Once the puppies' eyes and ears open we expose them to all sorts of sights and sounds that we see and hear every day to ensure your puppy is confident in any given situation. We work diligently in providing each puppy we bring into this world with the fundamental basics for the best possible start in life. 


Cottonwood Creek Doodles is family run and operated. We are two sisters who share the same passion and love for our pups! We each have only a few breeding dogs living with us in our homes. Every breeding dog is a part of a loving family and unlike most, we don't give away our dogs once they have produced a certain number of litters for us. Our Guardian Home Program makes all of this possible!


Our goal is to produce healthy, low-shedding, even tempered dogs for companionship, service, and therapy. We take extra steps to ensure our puppies go to loving families and are well adjusted to a home environment.


We are dedicated to our puppies long after they have left our care. As breeders we will always be there for our new puppy parents to answer any and all questions they may have for a lifetime of breeder support!

Our main focus is our Multi-Generational true mini lines which we have spent many years perfecting. Each dog we bring into our program goes through a series of genetic and temperament tests to ensure healthy, well rounded litters. After selecting parent dogs of excellent quality, we can focus on producing stunning and vibrant colors in our puppies that closely resemble the looks of the Australian Shepherd or Bernese Mountain Dog. We are well-versed in the world of animal genetics and take the extra step of color and coat testing our dogs to help us predict what colors and hair type each pairing will throw. We only pair dogs together that compliment each other in every way based on their health testing results and hip ratings, genotype and coloring, structure, and of course, their personalities. We have over 10 years of experience with breeding dogs! 



We don't have a "facility" per say, more so certain areas of our homes that has been dedicated to the dogs! Our puppy rooms each hold two individual neonatal nurseries, two weaning puppy pens, an indoor puppy play area, and grooming station. Each litter grows up in their own nursery where they are litter box trained and introduced to a crate once they graduate from their whelping box. Their days consist of rotations between playtime in our indoor play areas, exploring outside, crate time, and ample socialization with adults, children, and other animals. All of our adult breeding dogs live in a home setting, either with us or our guardian families. Each one is a loved family member and gets to live their life as a dog, just like they should and enjoy going on walks, hikes, camping, etc. You will often find them curled up on the couch or lying in bed with us!


Now that we have families of our own and live only minutes from each other; we have both created beautiful, functional spaces in our homes for our puppies to grow up in where they are also exposed to livestock, fresh air, and sunshine. Our puppies are always raised in multiple households vs. one large breeding facility. Every now and then some of our highly trusted guardian families will take part in the whelping and raising process for the first few weeks of life if we have multiple litters that overlap, all while using the same protocols under our watchful eye. This ensures every mother dog and her litter is cared for in a safe, loving, and familiar home environment. 


OUR STORY: Many people ask us, "What made you decide to raise dogs?" And honestly, there wasn't really a time where we sat down and thought, "Hey, let's raise dogs!" It's something that has always been a dream of ours. 


Ever since we could walk and talk we absolutely loved anything with four legs and fur. We would stop to pet every dog we saw on the street, Animal Planet was our favorite TV channel, our rooms were packed with dog stuffed animals and our wardrobes consisted of puppy t-shirt and jeans with worn out knees from crawling all over the floor pretending we were dogs while eating dry Cheerios out of a bowl. The tags on the back of our shirts were clips for leashes because we weren't allowed to put them around our neck. We would beg our mom to take us to the pet store practically everyday, which was an incentive for cleaning our room. Looking back now, we can't help but laugh at all the funny things we would do when we were little.



Our first dog was a Shetland Sheepdog. That dog was our best friend, he went everywhere with us. When we got a little older and decided we needed another, our parents, who thought one was enough, told us if we could come up with the money to buy a second dog then we could. And sure enough, we did just that. Of course, our parents had little faith that we would even be able to accomplish this task at such a young age, thinking the stipulation they gave would put an end to our begging. Our second dog came along and with the help of our breeding mentor, a friend of ours, we started raising and showing Shelties. Letting the first litter go was one of the hardest things we had to do but being able to keep in touch with those puppy's families made it all okay. Breeding dogs in grade school was far from your average hobby where we grew up but it was so rewarding being able to provide families with their new best friend for years to come. 


After our Shelties had passed, other dogs came into our lives to fill the void. But it wasn't until we brought home our Standard Poodles that we knew we wanted to raise Doodles, a hybrid that created a healthy, adorable dog that lived longer and didn't shed as much as the parent breeds we dreamed of owning, including the Australian Shepherd and Bernese Mountain Dog. So, how did we decide to raise dogs? Let just say it was never a question.


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