Rigby is a Bernese Mountain Dog, Australian Shepherd, & Poodle Hybrid. We specifically selected Rigby for the start of our multi-generational Australian Mountain Doodle line! Formerly known as Barqs from our "Soda Pop" litter out of Zuri & Duke. Rigby is a gentle, sweet, and friendly guy. He has a stellar temperament and outgoing personality. He loves to lounge around the house and is as mellow as can be yet is fairly active and playful when he wants to be. For more info on our new Australian Mountain Doodle program click here!


Clearances: VWD1, DM, PRA, NE, MDR1 (carrier)

OFA Hips: Good- correlating to approx. an "A" rating

Height: 22" at the shoulder

Weight: 50 lbs.