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Join Our Waitlist!

1) Cottonwood Creek Doodles cannot guarantee estimated size ranges, coat color/type, eye color, gender, successful pregnancies, or exact timing from each litter as Mother Nature ultimately decides what we get and when. Please note that if you are set on a specific coat color, gender, etc. your wait time may be longer than our estimated time frame. Those that are flexible often receive their puppy right away. We do not compile our wait list by certain generation, pairing, or litter as we cannot guarantee how many puppies each mom will have. Planned pairings are simply plans, we cannot guarantee a litter out of two specific parent dogs until they have been bred and pregnancy has been confirmed. Please be aware that not every dog is cut out for breeding like we had hoped. We have very high standards for each of our parent dogs, if any male or female is no longer suitable for breeding or unavailable during the time needed, we will seek a similar replacement in order to produce the best possible puppies within a reasonable time frame. 

2) Wait list numbers cannot be guaranteed until after your deposit has been placed and received. By passing on a litter you will not forfeit your original waiting list placement and may put your name in the queue for any litters of interest to you when timing is ideal. Please be able to respond within 24-48 hours once available litter emails have been sent out if you are potentially interested. Please ignore all litter offers you will not consider. Interest does not guarantee a particular puppy on any specific litter as selections will be made in order of deposits received. If you choose not to select a puppy in over 2 years time- your wait list spots will not be held if contact has personally been made regarding your position on two separate occasions with no response. By completing this form you agree that your $500 wait list reservation fee is non-refundable and will go towards the final purchase price of your new puppy.

3) We place everyone on our list in order of deposits received. We as breeders have the right to retain any puppies for our breeding program out of any litter despite waiting list placement. Puppies will not be kept by the breeder from every litter but in the event an exceptional puppy comes along that would be an asset to our breeding program, a hold may be placed on him/her. On occasion we will hold puppies back from a litter for service work, donations, etc. Any puppies that we have placed a hold on/grown out as potential breeding candidates may possibly become available and offered as premium pick options to anyone on the waitlist if we so choose. By completing this form you understand that your future puppy is to be sold on a strict spay/neuter contract and is not to be used for breeding unless discussed prior. 

Once we receive your reservation fee & non-refundable agreement we will contact you to confirm your wait list status. Please note that wait list numbers will not determine when you get your new puppy, but your preferences will. 



All litter photo and video updates will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, and our website for everyone to see. Please read over our Policies page for information regarding our visitors policy, choosing your puppy, and final payments for when the time comes to pick out your new furry family member. 


Thank you for your submission! Please wait for us to reach out with confirmation of your wait list status.

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