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Cash is our most mellow and easy going stud to date! This sweet boy is cuddly, affectionate, and mild mannered. He loves lounging around the house but is always up for a casual stroll around the neighborhood or walk in the park. He has therapy quality characteristics and anyone would be lucky to call a Cash puppy their own! He is a real life teddy bear with the silkiest coat we've ever felt on a Merle. Cash is a petite size, just under 30 lbs. with the temperament of a much larger dog which is everything we hope for in our Mini line! His small size makes him easy to travel with yet large enough to handle any outdoor adventure! Cash lives here with us and is apart of our Mini Australian Mountain Doodle program! 


Clearances: VWD1, DM, PRA, NE, & MDR1

OFA Hips: Good- correlating to approx. an "A" rating

Height: 18" at the shoulder

Weight: 28 lbs.

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